Destierro-Örlog (2012)

One more band from Spain,this time from Basque Country: I didn't know them when i received a mail from Txusan (from La Humanidad Es La Plaga): We are Destierro, we are based in Basque Country (Spain) and started the band in 2005, we were and are involved in other bands like Hongo,cSL´S3, Crickbat, Represión, Freaknation, Justice Department, etc. In 2006 we released our first 7" and toured Europe. Next year we released a split 7" with Iron Batasuna and toured Europe again. In 2010 we recorded "Örlog" and had a break till last year when we released the album and started to play again. This album was released by Angry voice, Chaos666, Trabuc records, In My Heart Empire and La Humanidad Es La Plaga
All Destierro releases are available for free downloading and streaming in their bandcamp, if you like dark hardcore/dark metallic crust influenced by Tragedy, From Ashes Rise and Wolfbrigade in a less melodic, yet dark and gloomy direction,  give it a listening and score a copy from the aforementioned labels, thanks to  Txusan for sending this.


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