Coelacanth-Demo 2013

Coelacanth is a metal/punk band from Cincinnati, Ohio, US, with ex-members of Fucked for Life and Estuary. It's pronounced SEE-la-kanth and this was a prehistoric fish once thought to be extinct found living in modern times. Here is their first demo which delivers four songs and nearly 14 minutes of metal driven heavy and brutal crust/stenchcore with descent sound quality and sometimes reminding of Deviated Instinct: Deep low throaty vocals, metal driven riffs, thick guitar sound, fast and mid-paced drum beat with some D-beat parts. This is heavy and produces a sick and doomy feeling (of curse without being into sludge/doom territory) helped by the sick cover artwork. This is free for downloading and streaming in bandcamp and also you can read the lyrics.
there and there

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