Primary Stress-Demo 2013

Primary Stress hail from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, they are a doomy crust/ black metal duet with two girls that carry a history in Halifax scene in bands such as Eekum Seekum, Vixens, Life Chain, and Hex Partners. The demo comes in cassette format, it is limited to 100 on gray tapes and consists of four songs dealing with topics such as animal abuse, depression and loneliness etc, Music wise Primary Stress delivers the emotional and aggressive crust of early From Ashes Rise and His Hero Is Gone with loads of black metal influences of Darkthrone. Sometimes this is epic and emotional and sometimes ferocious and chaotically drowning in a black metal swamp, there is dual vocal attack with high pitched yells and low screams and fit nicely with the sonic hell, sound wise the demo is raw and  filthy and creates a personal sick feeling similar to Gallhammer and such acts, according to the band, they are influenced by Dystopia, Ecocide and Darkthrone (early days of raw black metal) but hell, in any case they don't sound like these bands.All and all this is a nice effort.
The demo is available in bandcamp, there is an address there in case you want a physical copy.


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