Separatist-Outsourcing The Slaves (tape 2013)

ok, i finally got some free time to write some blurb and update the blog, so here we go: Separatist hail from Brunswick, Germany, they are a sludge/doom quartet and Outsourcing The Slaves is their demo tape recorded in spring of 2013, they started about a year ago and played two gigs at Nexus, a place already known from Moribund Scum. Band member(s) were/are also in The Bride Our Bride and Cleansing. The demo consists of seven songs (actually six songs plus the 16 sec. long Earthroat) of heavy and soul and ear tormenting sludge/doom and lasts over twenty minutes. If you are into such stuff then give it a listening, this is available in bandcamp, Joost also sent a dnld link (i ll say it again dnld links are not necessary but if bands are willing to include it then there is no problem)

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