Life Possession-Discography

Life Possession is five piece a D-beat crust punk from Pardubice, Czech Republic, they formed in 2007 and deliver a blending of Doom and early Extreme Noise Terror, so far they have several releases under their belt: Trest bez viny cd/mc from 2008, cd was available to Mini tour 2008 when they shared the stage with Distress and Komatoz, in 2009 their s/t ep saw the light of day including 5 songs from Trest bez viny, in 2010 they released the 12" split with Gomora  which was first released as cd-r in 2009 for the Krve a Potu tour and in 2012 they released the split demo cd-r for their tour with Victims of Classwar. All songs are avialable in bandcamp and also you can stream some in bandzone. All released were released by Aback label/distro. Futur eplans include an upcoming 7" EP, a Germany tour with Znojmo crust punk Disfunkce Mysli and a Poland tour with Polish stenchcore freaks Holy Extermination.
This is it, my apologies to the band for the long long delay to post their work.


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