Angry Mob-The Genocide Continues lp (2013,Rawmantic Disaster Records)

Angry Mob come from Barcelona, Spain, they were active from 1989 to 1996 and included people also invovled in Violent Headache, Disputa, Mobcharge and others, The Genocide Continues is the vinyl version of the tape with the same title from 1996. The vinyl is released by Rawmantic Disaster Records and delivers 18 songs and 43 minutes of noisy d-beat hardcore and a for one more time we have a Discharge worship. This is full of power and wrath and delivers the goods in the known path walked by myriads of other d-beat bands. The record is limited to only 300 copies and belongs to the bunch of D-beat releases of Rawmantic Disaster that saw the light of day this spring. No download link here, no bandcamp page but a youtube vid, stream it and if you like it score a copy from Rawmantic Disaster


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