Los Más Peores-st ep 2013

Los Más Peores come from Río Gallegos,Sta Cruz Southern Argentina and this is their first ep: "Hello all! We're Los Mas Peores a hardcore punk band from Argentina, we released a 5 tracks EP and we're just spreading the word. Our main influences are Los Crudos, Charles Bronson, Minor Threat, Spazz, SuperSonic Piss, Dropdead and many other bands that play fast. Our lyrics are mostly political-social issues from our country and we're about to release our first DIY record with 9 tracks, so this one can be considered a pre-record release, The band is formed by Bene in vocals, Muñe in guitar, Dany in drums and Melisa in bass. We're exchanging material, fanzines and everything people want to send us to be included in our stand at our gigs and spreading our songs through the internet.
 You can listen the full EP (free of download) bandcamp