Here 's something completely different: DPG come from  Florence, Italy and deliver electronic punk/electro punk: "The band was born in August 2010 and only a few months later, at the end of December, its first ep, “In the beginning there was punk” was released. The studio work aims to express the desease of an entire generation searching for its hopes. DPG music is a rebellion against those who have stolen youngs’ hopes and burned them before they could even enjoyed them.Its way of expression is totally unusual: it’s a fusion between techno and punk, which is impossible to define. DPG music cannot be described by categories. The Italian blogger Breakfast Jumpers simply labelled DPG’s first studio work as “electro new-new wave madness”.
In the beginning the band was composed by a dj, a guitarist and a singer, but the necessity to make its message stronger imposed the new entry of a bass man and a live painter, Visioni.In February 2013 the second ep “And punk was with God”  has been released: 5 new tracks that are the natural development of the first work, as the title itself suggests."

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