Desobediencia-Demos 2013

I discovered  Desobediencia while i was browsing the punk tags in bandcamp and a few days ago i received a mail by them: "We are Desobediencia, a hardcore punk band from Spain. We formed the band a few months ago and we recorded two demos DYI recently (Opio De Masas and ¿Vivos o Muertos?).  We have influences from bands like Discharge, HHH, Sin Dios, Minor Threat, Crass, RIP, etc." Cool! Music wise ¿Vivos o Muertos? (Alive or dead?) consists of only one song while  Opio De Masas (Opium of masses) delivers four tracks, both were recorded during January 2013, sound is decent and delivers the anger and wrath. This is where Discharge meet Sin Dios ( Apoliticxs reminds clearly Sin Dios while in some other songs they sound closer to straight D-beat territory) and where D-beat meets anarchopunk. Lyrics are in Spanish delivered with shouted vocals and deal with soccer obsession, apolitical stance disobedience and rhetorically ask the alienated society's people  ¿Vivos o Muertos? alive or dead? Both demos are available for free in bandcamp including the lyrics and also there is a download link for each demo provided by the band.. Did i say these punks are only 18-20 years old?  Wait for more by them.

Opio de masas or here
¿Vivos o Muertos? or there

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