Dishumanity/Disease-The Living Hell split ep

Balkan D-beat noise at its best: Here we have the fresh new release by Dishumanity from Serbia and Disease from Macedonia (FYROM). Dishumanity was born in 2010 in Kragujevac and released Radijacija cd that year and was followed by the split ep with grind punks Dictatura Systema from Netherlands in 2011. Disease was a sweet find for me when i discovered them in bandcamp about a month ago, their  discography includes On The Battlefiend and Another Nuclear Age both on cd format. The split came out a few weeks ago, the ep comes in gatefold cover and inside you will find the lyrics, the artwork is in the usual for the genre black and white war themed shit. Music wise there is as expected a noisy D-beat attack, Disease deliver pure Discharge, Doom and Disclose worship while Dishumanity have this gloomy and crust feeling  in their sound. Sound quality is decent and both bands deliver the goods. D-beat lovers are gonna love this, unfortunately each band delivers only two songs (we want more!!!!), i can't decide which band wins here, i listened it several times so far and i like both bands, so give it a listening and decide yourself. Dishumanity are in farcebook, here and here, Disease have their page too here. I hope to listen more by both bands soon.
Download link is provided by the bands (thanx Alex and Vuk!)



Abraham said...

do you have the full dishumanity´s demo?

7inchcrust said...

no i don't have it,you should ask the band via their fb pages