Pincher-Killing Machines cd 2013

I received a mail by this all-girl band saying these: Pincher is an all-girl Moscow band hellbent on delivering the finest crossover metal since 2009. Formed by members of a seminal grunge act Diet Pill, the trio is busy being a hard hitting live sensation, playing both home turf and touring Russia to no end. Their mission is to sing the messages of utmost urgency, celebrating independence of thought and action, backing it up by fastest rhythms and hookiest riffs. PINCHER's first release, a split with hardcore outfit Me Not Me, contains their signature songs like "Woman's Place Is In The Kitchen", "Blockbuster" and "Not Alright" while the trademark concert favorites include "Raining Blood" by Slayer and "Step Down" by Sick Of It All.
 The band continued playing successfull shows not only in Moscow, but also in Saint Petersburg, Krasnodar, Voljskiy, Lipetsk and other Russian cities, joining the legendary punk rock and hardcore Russian and foreign bands, in 2013 year Pincher released their first album "Killing machines" and began its first foreign club tour in Finland to promote the album."
I can't say much here since this genre is not my cup of tea, music wise this is punk rock full of aggression, it starts with a Mortal Kombat soundtrack cover while in The Who there is a sample from Taxi Driver movie, the singer sings is Russian and English (all song titles are in English but some songs are in Russian) and from what the song titles reveal, they deliver some sarcastic and provoking lyrics (i wish they included the lyrics in bandcamp). There are seven songs here, short and catchy. Sound quality is excellent and cover artwork  is in old school movie poster style, Killing Machines is availabe for free in bandcamp, check  Pincher in farcebook and VK site.

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