Unrest-st 7" (Rising Riot, 2011) & Lake of Misery (2012,Per Koro)

This is brutal crustcore with metal/grind influences: Unrest is a crust quartet from North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany and this is their discography which includes a st 7" released by Rising Riot Records and Lake of Misery, released by Per Koro
The st 7" came out in 2011 and delivers four songs, the war sirens and battle sound sample sets the scenery before the band kicks in with thick and solid guitar, heavy bass, fast and hard pounding D-beat drumming and brutal vocals, Life´s What It Seems is the song where the band slows down the speed. Sound quality is excellent. All and all this is a great record.
Lake of Misery came out one year later on 12 inch vinyl and there was a limited colored edition, it was recorded at the infamous Die Tonmeisterei and the artwork was made by Doomsday Graffics, it consists of nine songs and continues in the same level of quality to deliver brutal crustcore reminding Skitsystem, Bombstrike, Martyrdöd and is enriched with some blastbeat parts that add some grind hints to the sonic hell reminding the grindcore driven crusties Audio Kollaps. Once again the sound quality is excellent
Both releases are available for streaming in bandcamp (there is dnld link for the 7" from Rising Riot), the st 7" is still available from Rising Riot and Lake of Misery  from Per Koro

st 7"
Lake of Misery 12"

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