Shchurdistan-Demo 2013

Honestly i don't know much Israel's punk/hc/crust/etc scene, in fact, Dir Yassin is the only band i know coming from this country. Shchurdistan come from Tel Aviv, they formed in 2012 and here is their eight track demo which is going to come out in tape and cdr format soon, this was recorded a month ago and was the follow up to a four track rehearsal from November 2012. Music wise this is raw black metal orientated noise, fast and sometimes chaotic with slower mid pace parts, cheesy sound and the typical for the genre cacophonous high pitched black metal vocals. i m not into such shit so i can't say it sounds like this and that. Song titles are in English and in their native language and The 9th Symphony must be their effort to mutilate Beethoven.thanx to the band for sending this.


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