Left Hanging-Vein of Lies 7"

Left Hanging is a hardcore trio from Somerset, Kentucky, United States and include past and present members of  of They Yearn For What They Fear, Normandy, Suncrusher, The Fallen, & Messes Of Men, they formed in autumn of 2012 and Veil of Lies is their first  release, it comes in 7 inch format and delivers seven pieces of dark hardcore. As they say in their fb page, they are influenced by Spazz, Infest, Nails, Full Of Hell, Disrupt, Filth, Nausea, Trash Talk, Cursed and Scandinavian hardcore (Disfear, Skit System, Wolf Pack, etc).
this is available for streaming in Left Hanging bandcamp, contact the band via fb for a copy.
ps:I ve got an email from the band asking me to post this and included a bunch of download links. Some other band in the past informed that some blogs ask for dnld link. Well  all i do here each time i post something is to say a few things about the band and the record, to spread the word to the people who might like it, since the record is uploaded in bandcamp there is no need for any dnld link, ok? if the band wants to post the dnld link too its ok, if the band want just some word spreading and not any dnld link posted (it happened sometimes) then its ok too.


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