Pissbath-Demo I and II

Tennessee has Jack Daniels and also a punk scene: Pissbath is a noise d-beat band from Murfreesboro  and here we have two demos by them released in October  '12 and February '13 , both come in tape format and were released by the local label/distro Primitive Prison Records,  a label which houses Murfreesboro punk bands. Both demos are available for streaming in Primitive Prison bandcamp (alternatively you can get the first demo from Funky Frankenstein Recordshere). Music wise Pissbath deliver fast D-Beat hardcore with female vocals, frantic drumming and noisy guuitars, each demo consists of seven songs with the second one winning in the matter of sound quality, the #1 tape came out in 70 copies and is sold out, contact Primitive Prison for a copy of second demo.

Demo I
Demo II

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