Shit-Apocalyptic Rage cd 2010 & World Suicide ep 2012

Shit is a five piece band from Tecate, Baja California of  Mexico and from San Diego, United States, they formed in 2009 and so far they have three releases under their belt:  "En la penumbra demo from 2009 , Apocalyptic rage, cd 2010  and World Suicide" ep,2012, here we got Apocalyptic Rage and World Suicide. Music wise Shit is brutal death metal/grindcore with few black metal hints and brutal vocals, ripping guitar riffs and blast beating drumming, Apocalyptic Rage is a little bit chaotic compared to World Suicide which offers the answer to the question "what if there was some hints of D-beat drumming here?" in On the Wings of Extermination track which became my favorite. All in all i prefer World Suicide because of the better sound quality Shit have Reverbnation, Farcebook and Myshit page. Enjoy their noise!

Apocalyptic Rage
World Sucide

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