Cerified Insane-discography

This is death metal/crust from Scheuring, Bavaria: Certified Insane hail from Germany, "was formed near Augsburg, Germany in January 2003 by vocalist Martin, drummer Blinki and guitarist Stefan.After playing together a few months and surviving their first gig, they recorded their songs during a rehearsal with two microphones live in one session, which they released as their first demo CD-R called "session demo".A few gigs later, Tom joined Certified Insane on bass in the beginning of 2004. With the new lineup, they worked on new songs and recorded it in their rehearsal room during July and August 2005. This new stuff was released by hmw-distribution (Japan) on a CD entitled "Raw, Crude ´N´ Relentless" in February 2006.Unfortunately Tom had to leave the band for job-related reasons in July of the same year. Since this time it became very silent around Certified Insane with a lot of ups and downs within the band and personal matters.During the next four years, while practicing pretty unsteady, they worked on new songs and tried to find a fourth member for the job on a second guitar and/or on bass, but this sadly never worked.In August 2010, Tom joined Certified Insane on bass again and about one year later, they finally found a guy named Juli for the second guitar.With the new line up they released their new stuff entitled as "The P.E.A.C.E. Session" in October 2012."
Session demo is primitive, raw, noisy and chaotic metal, it consists of fifteen songs with fast blasting drumming, brutal growling vocals and metal driven guitar riffs, this is a fist of noise coming rather from the death metal area than the crust fields. "Raw, Crude ´n´ Relentless" has way better sound quality and brings nine blasts of a death metal and crust blending, thunders of blast beat drumming, metal riffage and rough vocals. "The P.E.A.C.E. Session" is their best stuff and comes one more step closer to the crust territory and its a piece of brutal crust with a lot of  metal influences reminding Skitsystem (there is the excellent cover of Skrivet I Blod, Ristat I Sten), Wolfrigade (minus the many melodic parts of W.) and the likes, the furious blast beats of previous releases are gone and there is the familiar to all of us D, this is really brilliant work and my favorite one of their discography.
The band offers all their releases for free in their site, i don't have to rant any other shit, my apologies to the band for the long delay to post this.
Download their discography here

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