Windmill Of Corpses-Demo 2012

Windmill of Corpses is a five piece metal/sludge/crust act from Prescott, Arizona, United States and this is their soul tormenting first demo which consists five songs and delivers a blending of emotional heavy sludge, metal elements and crust outbreaks: Each song passes from slow emotional parts or even acoustic melodic preludes ( check the intro of  I Slang Jenkems) to fast passages, all under screamed vocals. Slow parts are followed by fast and fast breaks lead to slow and screams lead to growls (Between the Wars). The whole shit is heavy and raw, this is available for streaming and free downloading in band' s page in bandcamp.
Thanks to J. for sending this, cheers and take care!



Anonymous said...

Holyshit, this band tears it up. Can't wait to hear the full length!!

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awesome ,check the review at http://www.musicperk.com/ as well