Bakounine-2nd demo

Noise, noise, noise: This is the second demo of Bakounine, the D-beat  crust freaks from Bretange, France and who are named after the Russian revolutionist and anarchist: I posted the Drum Machine Years cd about a year ago, so you can have there some information about them. The second demo was recorded in a few hours in December 2011 and delivers nine tracks including reprises of  Kaaos, Aside, Omega Peny and Pisschrist and over of eleven minutes of noisy  fast paced D-beat crustcore. The sound is raw and distorted, D-beat drumming as expected, all vocal screams and growls come from the lungs of the same singer, lyrics are in Italian and French. Download link is provided by the band.


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Hi! Do you have their contact? I would write to them.
Thank you

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they contact me via this:
check their blog too: