Instinct Hate-Expectativas Criadas Em Vão (2012)

Another demo by the grinders Instinct Hate from Sao Paolo, Brazil: I posted their six track Vivendo o Caos demo a few months ago, Expectativas Criadas Em Vão is their second recording and consists of eleven tracks including a cover by the legendary Lobotomia and bring you ear tormenting grinding crust with shouted/yelled vocals that remind Brazilian bands, thrashing riffs and fast beat pace. The sound quality is much better than the chaotic inferno of  Vivendo o Caos. Ratos de Porão, Doom, Disrupt, Extreme Noise Terror, Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Nasum and Cannibal Corpse stand among their influences. The download link is provided by  the band and includes lyrics, covers and other information and several links about the band (ReverbNation, facebook etc).

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