Narcan-Kukuvaya demo 2012

Narcan is a five piece crust band from the crisis plagued Greece and it's capital city Athens, Kukuvaya is their first demo, recorded in June '12 and comes in cd format. They formed a few months ago and played in a few gigs, Kukuvaya is the owl in Greek. The demo consists of three tracks from a rehearsal recording that last over thirteen minutes and deliver  heavy crust having it's roots in the legacy of  From Ashes Rise, His Hero is Gone, Ekkaia etc: There are heavy riffs, melodic lines and leading guitar parts pop up here and there all the time, there is fast bashing drum pace with some slower emotional parts. On the other hand and instead the usual for the genre deep low and rough growls, shouts or screams, the vocals sound like coming from a Japanese raw b-beat noise band, there are some backing vocals in the usual style though. Despite the rehearsal recording the sound quality is decent. As for the name, maybe they got it from this shit.
You can stream the demo in their blog or grab it from their bandcamp page or contact them for a copy.


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