Pololtia Micpetlacalli-Arraigo Anticristiano tape 2012

Another release by Pololtia Micpetlacalli, the one man noise band from Peru and this time it comes on tape format and delivers two songs. For those who didn’t catch PM in their previous releases (here and here) Pololtia… is a experimental noise band, the only real instrument here is percussion and all other extreme noises are produced by… hmmmm…well, only Alexander, the guy who’s behind this project, knows. The fact is this noise reaches the raw black metal territory while other moments it sails in emotional ambient seas. As I said there are two tracks here, Arraigo Anticristiano (translates deeply anti-christian or something like that) starts with a intro and soon becomes a wicked noise/raw black metal ear tormenting shit with high pitched screeching vocals , the second one titled  Chicunamictlan in nahuatl  is an atmospheric ambient-ish instrumental, dark, emotional and relaxing but also hypnotic and haunting. Total running time nearly five minutes. Download link is provided by P.M.,(thanx A.!)

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