1070 Scum-Demo tape 2011

Here’s something really good: 1070 Scum come from Georgia, United States, they formed in 2011 and this six track demo tape that was recorded the same year. Their discography includes the seven track epomymousd ep which was released by H.P.G.D. Productions in 2012 and is available for streaming in their bandcamp page.
The tape is available for free in their ReverbNation, or contact the band for a physical copy, it came in only 100 copies and a repress is coming soon, music wise it brings thirteen minutes of heavy D-beat crust with rough deep low howling vocals, distorted guitar riffs, fast D-beat drumming and the usual for the genre lyrical themes, blending the hardcore power of  Los Crudos with Desolation’s crust brutality. The sound quality is decent and delivers the goods. Check the ep cause it's great, heavy and (much more) brutal too.

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