Dispair-The Progress of Human Extinction demo 2012

Sometimes a simple picture showing some horrible shit is enough to make you feel despair much more than any brutal gory metal or grindcore drawing artwork, that’s what  i felt when i first saw The Progress of Human Extinction of Finnish Dispair. I don’t know anything about them, they seem to be a new band, if you know anysht just drop some lines.The demo is a kinda short, it brings five tracks and only six  minutes of D-beat Varkukers and Discharge worship: Something weird is happening here, this must be a forgotten Varukers recording: Yes, i m not kidding: The demo starts with a Motorhead-ish bass intro and soon turns into a early 80’s D-beat anthem reminding or Varukers, The sound quality is raw and decent for the genre, they don’t reinvent the wheel but they put some passion and energy in their D-beat and deliver the goods.


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