Kuroi Ame-Demo cd 2012

Kuroi Ame (black rain in Japanese) is a crust trio from Tarnów, Poland, they formed in 2009 and this is their demo cd recorded sometime in 2011. I don’t know anything about them so drop some lines here if you know anyshit. The demo comes in cd format (a cd that looks like vinyl) and delivers seven songs and fourteen minutes of neo-crust in the vein of  Madame Germen, Alpinist and the likes. This is dark and emotional, the singer delivers desperate screams in English while the guitar brings some  mournful riffs, sometimes epic and emotional,  sometimes fast and aggressive, the rhythm section leads the pace from fast parts to slower melodic and emotional/pessimistic passages while some D-beat pops up from time to time when the band speeds on. Some backing vocals pop up too,  the sound quality is decent, the artwork follows the technique used in the sub-genre minimalistic with dark and fading colors, a sheet with lyrics is included. Well done effort for the fans of Ekkaia, Leadershit, Alpinist, Down to Agony, Madame Germen etc
Thanx to T for sending this, download link is provided by the band, you can also stream it in their bandcamp.


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Name of city is Tarnów not Arnów.