Mörse-st 7"(2012,Eastrain)

I finally saved some free time to post some shit here, there are some demos that I received and I hope to post all soon: This is Mörse, a five piece act from Lille, France (not the grindcore/deathgrind band named Mörser from Germany) and this is their s/t ep, released by Eastrain Records, this is their first official release after their demo in 2011.  They just finished their tour with Loma Prieta and if you are near La Rumeur, Lille you can join the Eastrain party with Graf Orlock and Birds in the Row. Music wise there is a blending of genres, they place their music “between fast punk/hardcore  and heavy stoner, for fans of Trainweck, Glasses, Trap Them, Unkind, Ekkaia”. Well, there is no much brutality or intensity to bring Ekkaia to mind but there is hardcore with crust hints, punk rock and screamo elements, some stoner smelly smoke comes from bellow and leading guitar parts that pop up from time to time. There’s  steady mid-paced beat and screaming vocals (reminding crust act) that sometimes turn singing shouts. If you are into this emotional hardcore sub-genre or in this kind of  genre blending then walk in and grab a copy from Eastrain.

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