Visions of Dystopia-Demo tracks

Raw D-beat from Berlin, Germany: I don't know any single shit about Visions of Dystopia and there is not any information on the web, these tracks are available for streaming in their myshit and i don't know if this is their complete demo, probably it isn't, (any help is appreciated) but i post it here because i loved this noise from first listening. They seem to exist since 2010 or so, they shared the stage with Instinct of Survival, Totalickers and others but there is no any official release around.
The four songs deliver bashing D-beat drumming, thrashing distorted guitars and angry shouted vocals. This is raw and noisy D-beat as shitty as can get and the appropriate soundtrack for the spicky haired/studded jacket punk who sleeps on the floor with many empty beer bottles around him, Do i need to say more?



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here is a link to download BAKOUNINE "DEMO II". French d-beat.



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visions of dytopia full demo

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thank you very much!cheers!