Famine-First world problems demo 2012

Famine is a three man D-beat/crust band from Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. First World Problems is their demo released a few weeks ago and delivers seven tracks and nearly thirteen minutes of heavy D-beat crustcore reminding a raw version of Nuclear Death Terror, Warcolllapse, Doom, Visions of War and such acts. Vocals (and backing vocals) are rough and brutal growls, drum tempos vary from fast to faster D-beat , bass keeps the tone low while guitar spits distorted riffs. This is heavy, brutal, ferocious and sometimes chaotic, following the crust/ D-beat  tradition the artwork is black and white and lyrical themes are about the familiar to crust  topics such as war, eco-destruction, third world genocide and exploitation.. etc, etc. Apart from First World Problems there is the live split CDR with Koszmar (only 20 copies were made). Nice demo, i wait for more by them.



KOSZMAR said...

These guys rule, always a pleasure seeing and playing with them! Check out Koszmar's demo here! Feel free to throw it up on your blog if you'd like http://koszmar.bandcamp.com/

7inchcrust said...