Sepsis-st demo tape 2012

Sepsis (former "Den Yderste Dag") is a five piece crust act from Copenhagen, Denmark and this is their demo, recorded in spring of 2012 and released on tape format. We first met these guys in the Crutches demo post where they appear on the b side of  that tape. The first release of demo tape was in the limited number of 50 copies and more will be available soon, music wise it brings six songs and nearly eighteen minutes of heavy stenchcore crust with mid-paced/fast heavy pounding drum beats, metal influenced guitar riffs,  and the usual deep low and rough vocals and lyrics about "politics, bringing up matters as war, state surveilance, fighting against oppression and surviving in what sometimes seems like a dying world". This is good and heavy as hell, sometimes emotional and metallic and sometime some D-beat pops up, i  'd say that they sound like Deviated Instinct or Cancer Spreading (from the era of splits w  Diskontroll and Cruel Storm) or a crust version of Bolt Thrower.
Check their blog for more details, lyrics, photos etc, the demo is available for free in bandcamp  and Soundcloud for your listening pleasure. (A., a lot of thanx)

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