Skelptarsis-Drill n kill

 Here is a great band that was a love from first listening for me: Skelptarsis come from New York, US, they started as Death Mold and include people from Phobia and Mutilation Rites and as they say about their name it means "A Bastardization of a common Scottish colloquialism".
Drill n Kill brings seven tracks and a great blending of hardcore and metal that deliver the goods: Sharp guitars, nice leading parts, metal edged riffs, many beat changes from fast outbreaks to slower breaks and even post hardcore emotional passages, angry female vocals and a lyrical Armageddon bringing socio/political messages.Imagine the variety and epic feeling of Wretched of the Earth, add some post hardcore in Nausea's crust, then some anarchopunk from Contravene, the powerful female vocals of Svart Aggression and you got Skelptarsis. This is fuckin great. You can stream Drill n Kill in bandcamp and here you will find links for their Reverbnation ,facebook and other sites. This is released by Akracia Records, Detesta Records and Vex Records. The  eponymous track (watch this great video) appears in A Soundtrack for the Apocalypse Vol 2 (Social Conspiracy Rec.s)

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