None of the Living Remain-Grim to the Brim (2012, self-released)

None of the Living Remain is a quartet from southern California and deliver heavy brutal horror themed crust, they formed in 2009 and Grim to the Brim is their first release, recorded, produced and released the DIY way. This is heavy stenchcore crust with deep low rough vocals, punk riffs with metal heaviness and fast/mid paced beats. Imagine Bolt Thrower play the songs of Nuclear Death Terror, then add some leading guitar parts here and there and you have None of the Living Remain. The sound quality is excellent, lyric wise they step in the metal territories since they are inspired by horror and fantasy movies and books and occult stuff instead the usual punk socio/political polemic. There are 36 minutes and fourteen tracks including a shortened cover of Transilvanian Hunger. Nice work! As i said the band has four members including a girl handling drums duties, Grim to the Brim (mp3's and lyrics) is available for free in their bandcamp or just click the download link here provided by the band (thanx Kurt!).


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