Weald-Demo 2011

Weald is a four piece act from Connecticut and in their four track demo they deliver doomy stenchcore crust, the tracks were recorded in 2011 and a tape format of demo is going to come out soon. Music wise this is heavy slow, mid-paced and sometimes fast doomy stenchcore, heavily influenced by Bolt Thrower and follows the path of Stormcrow, Sanctum such acts , the first track with it's emotional riff reminds me of Greek crusties Nuclear Winter, the Bolt Thrower feeling is always there in the slow parts (with some great riffs and leading parts delivered) while in their faster moments they sound like Hellshock or Misery. The demo lasts fifteen minutes, the sound quality is excellent. This is available for free in their bandcamp but don't hesitate to score a copy when it come out: "This is a bleak age, a violent age, an age of greed and pollution. It is an age of war and death and of the Earth's demise. This, the dying time, is the age of Weald".


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