War Master-Demo tape 2010

Absolute Bolt Thrower worship here and a break from crust and D-beat: War Master is a five piece death metal act from Texas US, heavily influenced by Bolt Thrower and include members of Dissent and Insect Warfare. Their first recording was Chapel of the Apocalypse demo tape which was followed by Throne of Tyranny 7". The 2010 tape is their second demo and Pyramid of the Necropolis is their last and recent release.The tape was released by Torture Garden in 200 hand numbered pro-printed white shell cassette copies and according to label's page is sold out, it delivers three tracksincluding a low end driven death metal version of Sepultura's Troops of Doom. Troops of Doom is the fast track of demo since Mass Cremation and Cult of Greed (hey! remember BT's Dying Creed) are much slower (both track appear in Pyramid of Necropolis). The whole shit is heavy and hell with tuned down bass and double guitar attack and deep low vocal Armageddon, if Bolt Thrower were around releasing a new record it would probably sound like War Master.


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