Morder-demo tape 2010

Morder hail from Chile and this is their demo tape recorded in summer of 2010, i don't know anything about them (and about Chile's scene..), this demo was kindly offered by one of band members who also wrote some information: "We are a crust punk band called "Morder", we dont use myspace, we are ex-members of several bands like "La Ira de Bonanno","pulpita de fruta" and "Nacidxs del Fuego".
The tape brings six tracks of crust with rough yelled male/female vocals, mid paced beat with gloom and sludgy feeling, there are some slower emotional parts here and some faster breaks there, sound is raw and primitive. There are two links to get it(.wav link is 280 Mb)


Anonymous said...

hey bro!!! here is victor from Whipstriker... check our new demo...
if you like it, put to download !!!

This new stuff is sung in portuguese....and talk about Civil War in Rio de Janeiro... check!

very thanxxxx



7inchcrust said...

hey!thanks Victor,i will post the demo a.s.a.p.
cheers and beers!

7inchcrust said...

link is fixed