Leprosy & The Helpless-split tape 2010

This is a split tape released by Black Shit Noise Records in 2010 with Leprosy and The Helpless. Leprosy come from Melbourne, Australia, they started around 2009 and apart from this split they have a 2009 demo tape and a 2010 tour tape. Here they deliver four tracks of fuzzed, noisy, aggressive and distorted UK82 punk in a blending of where the hardcore of Chaos UK meats the noisy discore of Disorder and Confuse. The Helpless sound like a Japanese band bu they come from West Cost of US and include members of some Californian acts such as Dead Noise and Kruel, they have a s/t tape on Total Mangel Records from Malaysia and the Nuclear Fire tape (2010), here they contribute four noisy tracks of Kuro worship. The sound is raw and descent for both bands and delivers the noisy goods, the tape came in 250 copies and lasts nearly thirteen minutes. This is sold out from Black Shit Noise but you can find a copy still available in some distros around the globe, check the links for more info about the bands and about upcoming releases

the Helpless side
Leprosy side

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