Noituus-Mögäten Maailmanloppuun Demo cd 2010

Noituus (Witchcraft) hail from Turku, Finland, they are active since 2005 and they have a shitload of releases under their belt (check their myspace). My blog mate Gallo posted a tape by them including their first demos and a live recording, here you got Mögäten Maailmanloppuun cd recorded in 2010 and sixteen tracks and over of 15 minutes of chaotic drunk crust noise:96% crust, 3% D-beat, 1% delirium tremens. this describes everything! Comparing to the first demos, Mögäten.. sounds heavier and more "professional", the fast, chaotic inferno has decent production and could be described as an effort to create something more than just noise. All lovers of drunken raw noise give it a listening! many thanks to lumiko for offering this,cheers dude!



lumiko said...

38 minutes?! You listened it twice ;)
Thanx a lot for giving us some space on the blog."could be described as an effort to create something more than just noise" :) Love that!!
You're doing great work with the blog!!!
Thanx. Keep on sharing!

7inchcrust said...

ahahahaha,yeah i was a little drunk when i was listening Mögäten.. and there were the other Noituus tape queued in winamp and all tracks were 38 minutes long but my drunkenness made me ignore what was happening...:) cheers!

lumiko said...

I accidently removed the file from divshare (I'm an idiot!), in case you were using it, here is the new link


7inchcrust said...

i fixed the link,its ok now,thanks! :)