Sju Svåra År-Unreleased demo tracks 2002

Sju Svåra År were a short lived project formed in Stockholm by people who are/were in Wolfbrigade To What End?, Asta Kask, Burning Kitchen, Civil Aggression and many others and here you got seven tracks of punk rock reminding of Burning Kitchen recorded for a 7" ep that never saw the light of day: "Started in 2001 with Josefin, Dadde, Raf, Marja and Emma, but after a couple of rehearsals Marja decided to leave and Sara joined the band. Our goal was to do simple and melodic punk with politically charged but still personal lyrics in Swedish. We toured around Sweden and Denmark for a few years and recorded 7 songs for a 7 in 2002, but it's still not released yet. We stopped playing in 2003, but will play some shows again, seven hard years after forming the band".


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Anonymous said...

They reformed a while ago, and have just released an album on Not Enough records from Sweden.