Noituus-Demo Tape 2006

Noituus is a 3 member band coming from the cold's of Turku,Finland.Theyre formed around 2005 and have released a shitloads of material during theyre 4 year existence period,which im not going to copy from space page,you can check that part youreself.From the stuff they have released ive heard only theyre split with sarkofachocrss88 and a 3 way split with Praia de Vomito and Melanocetus Murrayi where they sound quite like they do on this demo.This recording is released on a tape in 2006 has 3 recordings on it,first demo,second demo and live in oulu all recorded in a 10 month period,and what you get on these recordings is some blatant kicking in the head with a noisecore crust wooden panel.The name means Witchcraft,and they say they play 96% crust 3% d beat and 1 % delirium tremens.Break something!!!



Anonymous said...

Sarkofachocrss88 is a very good band, but like most of the other groups in this scene they've released more music than can be possibly heard. Gorgonized Dorks, however, is well worth trying to track down all their stuff. Do you have anything by them, or would you like to listen to anything by them? let me know! Cheers!

gallo said...

Hey man....first cheers...and yeah...its one of those kinda bands that just release shitloads of stuff....and i havent heard Gorgonized Dorks...even less i have something from them....would be nice to have though...mail me or something dude...take care!!

7inchcrust said...

all i know about Gorgonized Dorks is their split w Agathocles but they seem to be a long time around:
so far 75 releases! some of them in 100,50 and even 35 or 20 copies, wtf?

lumiko said...

Thanx for the great work you do with this blog.
Here's a link for Noituus' last demo, for the fisrt time, this one has a 'decent' sound quality, but it's still noisy as hell. If you've few minutes to waste, try it here:
greetings from finland

7inchcrust said...

hey thanx dude,will post it a.s.a.p. cheers!