VA-Asian Crust vol 3:Singapore

One more compilation in the Asian Crust series and this time the bands come from Singapore. As usual, i don't know any shit about the bands, (ok, i already knew Distrust), there are 34 bands covering the fields from crust and D-beat to Oi! and from mincecore and grind to melodic punk and punk 77. the songs last for about 80 minutes, i don't know if these bands represent the scene of Singapore but its a good start since among them there are some really interesting acts.
Take a look at vol I and vol II if you already haven't, and something for those who might misunderstood some things: This is a web compilation, not an actual release and none of previous Asian Crust compilations is an actual release, all songs are collected from myspaces, there is no any profit out of it, just the spreading of word and the supporting of scene.
Coming up (and hopefully) is the Philippines scene comp. as i promised and a Thailand comp. as well
01:State of Decay-Straight to hell
02:Lead (ii) nitrate-Weathering the storm
03:Distrust-Last ride
04:Black terror-Conquer
05:Mission Against Corruption-Propaghanda 'B'
07:Volition-in the wake of Tsunami
08:The Menace-Forced to be
10:Agony-War is not the answer
11:General Enemy-Distort and a distruction
12:Mati Katak-Fallen comrades
13:the Scuds-Adicted
14:Unjustified Criminals-Fuck off
15:Blindead Humanity-Hierarchy
16:Shak Tii-takde minah tak mati
17:Fallen World-The decimation
18:Manusial-Hell on earth
19:Distort-Stay punk
20:Under Attack-Its my life its not yours
21:Endless Struggle-Killed cruelty
22:Press Play-Choice
24:Recover-Flames still burns
25:A Moment of Kaos-Rape violence
26:Rememories-The omen
27:Yogyakatra-we dont think so
28:Voces Inocentes-Whats wrong with you
29:Ila Mitra-Spirit
30:Hudud-we will rise and you will fall
31:Exkoriator-Police bastard (Doom cover)
33:Stronza-End war
34:Elegy of Eulisza-A song for you

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robitusson said...

Nice! Looking forward to the Thai one.

blacktooth said...

Yo, thrasher! I'm STILL discovering new tracks off of the first Asian Crust Comp. Please feel free to post more of these, as they all continue to melt my brain and fucking rule. Cheers!

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Anonymous said...

This link is broken. I'll really appreciate is you fix it. I find this album very interesting but I can't download it. Thanks.

7inchcrust said...

link is fixed

7inchcrust said...

Cheers! :)