VA-Asian Crust vol 2:Malaysia

Well, it took much time but finally here it is: the second part of Asian Crust comp's, this time with bands coming from Malaysia, (the first one was a compilation with Indonesian bands, here). Just like the first Asian Crust vol I, i don't know anything about the bands so i can't tell if these 37 songs represent the Malaysian scene. Anyway, the bands cover the hardcore, punk rock, crust and noise - grindcore territories (there 's even a blues punk track), most of them are unknown or less known in the rest world (or at least to me) and Apparatus the most widely known Malaysian band is not included, i guess Black Wings of Vengeance and Mass Separation are the most well known bands here. If you know anything about about a band or a report about the scene just drop a line, the comp. ended up in 37 bands, i d like to make it again in 40 but the file was already in 90 mb.. enjoy it!

01:Defeat-Shadows of fear
02:Discrusher-The last fight
03:Antiprotokol-Words of denied wisdom
04:Quest of Quasar-Dispose
05:Hellexist-Destroy all scum
06:The Bangsat-Fight back to rob back
08:Akurakus-Take back
09:Osmantikos-Fear to be plagued
11:Mass Separation-Bila Adanya Beza
12:Disgrace-Human bomb
13:Arah Kiri-Sakaiyon
14:Kerenaneko-Modern warfare
15:Penyangak-Penentangan terbatas
16:Skitsofrenia-krig overallt
17:The Bollocks-Viva la punk
18:Kurasakuasa-Point of provoking life
19:Suara Anak Muda-Dancing in our own space
20:Uncenso(red)-Sink the WTO
21:Haematoma-Education for us
22:Weot Skam-Ambil tetap kawan
23:The Dirty Dogs-Bom kereta
24:Torture Incident-10 sec track
25:Drown in Pain-Chinese kung fu
27:Mental Syndrome-Hilang alam
28:Pyro-War junkies
29:Black Wings of Vengeance-Black jacket
30:Sick Society-Renggang nyawa
32:No Security-Drinking a bottle of bleach
33:Hellsister-No hesitation
34:War Dogs-Control loves
35:The Intifada-Pigs in Blue
36:Inflict-This is HC not NY
37:Pusher-Beer not bombs

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Krustie said...

Yeah, i'm wait for this compilations, thanks i'm heat this work nowww....

Krustie said...

Noooooooo i'm can't download by rapidshit....can change you link to Mediafire, please?

7inchcrust said...

the link is active,whats the problem?

Anonymous said...

this is new link for dwnld quarto potere/tetano split 7" booklet 16 pg included


take care, robi

fleshrevel said...

Hey mang,

these asian compilations are awesome. They deserve to be gatefold vinyl pressings with liner notes and posters. This music is absolutely blistering/melting my face off. It deserves to be heard and spread around, so thanks for doing all of the dirty dredging. Peace

Krustie said...

i have problems with rapidshare only, not active link, for downlaoding from this server...i'm have INet only in my work, don't my home and the system are closed with some servers, you know, working all time for they's...

Anonymous said...

let me know who done this compilation????i think the person who done dis-compilation is not make a permission do take some of this song...

7inchcrust said...

this is a web compilation not an actual release:tracks were free in each band's myspace and were collected from there, there is no any kind of profit from this, it was made for only one reason: to promote and support unknown bands coming from a not so well scene (the same way it was done the other comp. with bands from Indonesia,you should read carefully the blog owner's scripts before start talking about ripping off. so Mr smartass we didn't rip off anyone, we just try to support these bands, so be careful what you say, if you are in a band included in this just be brave and sign your name and ask to remove your song. period.


Thanks for promoting us!

Anonymous said...

check out new skitsofrenia songs. they just released 4 way split tape (wave of noise)included discgrace. they really improved since the first demo.

osmantikos, also just released new split cd with singaporean distrust. good modern crust band with great lyric explaination.

suara anak muda has calling it a day.

if you like noise punk, check out war dogs. new cd is out. first full lenght. but i still hasnt got a chance to buy it.