VA-Asian Crust vol 1:Indonesia

This is a web compilation (and not an actual release) inspired by Papst's Bloodstains Across Myspace: It took some time and effort but finally the work is complete: This is a compilation with bands coming from Indonesia covering an era from mid 90's to the recent days : There are 40 bands covering the most of punk/hc subgenres: Crust, hardcore, street punk, raw punk,d-beat dis-crust, grindcore, metallic crust and most of them are into the crusty side of things. All bands were found through Myshit, i wish i could add some more bands here but the Mb's are already too many so i had to stop adding more and more...
I know absolutely nothing about the bands, if they are chaos punx or political aware or whatever, you will find more about Indonesian scene from Pam, former Runtah singer and currently in a band called Apokalips, this is taken from an interview for "We are Gonna Fight it" zine (2008, France), the guy seems to be cool and thoughtful and explains the situation in the scene and gives some information about the country in some crucial topics such as religion, government's corruption, freedom of speech etc
There will be a Asian Crust vol II with a compilation with Malaysian bands, time will tell when it will be completed, now check the bands below and then get it,
01:Turtles Jr-War is hell
05:Antiphaty-In my hell
06:Extreme Decay-We are not the center of world
08:Terror of Dynamite Attack-Chaos unmastered
10:Keras Kepala-Pray for war
11:Errorbrain-Vival la ganja
14:Krasskepala-Total destruction
15:Tcukimay-Support drunk people
16:Krisisidentitas-Basa basi busuk
18:The End32-Life or death
19:Gladiator-Struggle anthem
20:Runtah-State violence state control (Discharge)
21:Sub Chaos-Berontak
22:Kuriak-Triple s
23:Satellite-Haruskah kita
24:Bombardir-Take back control of your life
25:FirstBlood-war system (Shit Likers cover)
27:Black Boots-Militeristik kapitalistik
28:Reckless-Not pay and run
29:Disconsent-Bordere in difference
30:Sistem Rijek-Absolute country of violence
32:Dis-Disan.ny (wellcome Mr.Dinosaur)-Nuclear holocaust
33:Disform-Protest and survive (Discharge)
34:The Subdicks-Eat your shit
35:Chronic Disease-Raise the old pain
36:AfterSunDown-Namslag nembah lagi
37:Total Anarchy-Sampah kimia
38:Screwface-Birokrasi administrasi
40:Zudas Krust-Perag agama

The link
The interview


Krustie said...

Thaaanks : this are amazing. waiting for vol II....

7inchcrust said...

Hi Krustie :)
hopefully vol II will be completed in a few weeks, keep an eye here.

Christopher L G Hill said...

Awesome, thanks!!!

maurix said...

good work man www.crust-or-die.blogspot.com =)

zudaskrust said...

cool list, man. i bet it need a lot of hard work and passion. you should visit indonesia to know more of our huge scenes with lots lots of good bands.

7inchcrust said...

hi ZK
well it took some time to complete this, thank for your words, you are the first guy from a band included in this comp that makes a comment.
Indonesia is too far for me to get there,thanks for your invitation anyway :)

ps:your comment reminded me that i have to scan an interview/scene report. :)

billyanjing said...

Thanx for let our band involved on your project...
You pick a great bands from here...

keep in touch

billyanjing of kontrasosial

7inchcrust said...

@ billyanjing:
thanks for the comment, i appreciate it. Kontrasosial's track is one of my favorite in this compilation, i have listened Concepted well and it shreads! cool stuff! keep up the flag of D-beat crust!