Deskonocidos-Demo 2008

Deskonocidos is a newer quartet coming from the states.Austin,Texas is where these guys come from.The band is formed around 3 years ago,and till now managed to put out about 4 releases,including this demo.Most recent thing from these guys is the Problemas 7'',and right after this demo they did a split with Sacred Shock,a former Hatred Surge members band,and have another ep on the way,for which i have no doubt itll be good as the previous stuff this band did.Now about this demo,its been released around end of 2008 with 6 tunes of raging raw punk rock played in spanish 80's punk manner but with some dark approach to the whole thing,though,this has r'n'r stuff all the way down.Need to mention also that the band's style has varied a bit since this demo,cause,what you hear here is a bit rawer than the newer stuff they have.Everything is sung in spanish,guitar drives you like an american musscle car,and drums vs bass just keeping the pace from behind.Crusties will probably start to hate me,or even say ive got mellow and old,but,if youre a fy fan,fan,theres a good chance youll dig this.They even toured the states together,just for info.Mean machine with raw punk and roll hardcore inferno wheels.Enjoi!!!


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