Seidr-Blood in the soil [demo 2009]

We ll stay in the States for a while but this is completely different to the previous post: Seidr is an ambient/doom quartet from Louisville, Kentucky and include A Lundr (Panopticon, Plainwords etc) and Crow from Wheels Within Wheels. Blood in the Soil is their four track demo recorded in 2009, the demo lasts for 39 minutes and is the perfect soundtrack for a rainy day or a gloomy sunset hour. Each song is a journey into the realms of doom and delivers guitar driven, slow and mournful doom metal while the last track is more into ambient-ish fields. A's vocals are rough, some leading guitar parts are really sick and the use of cello and piano bring a haunting ambient-ish atmosphere (check "Streamkeeper" and some parts of "The night sky..". This is emotional, heavy and depressive, early My Dying Bride and Anathema, Neurosis and even early Paradise Lost are some of their influences so you know what you got here, if you are into Asunder, Grief, God Speed your Black Emperor and the likes then this is for you.

there (pre-final mix version)

The demo in its final form starts with a two minutes atmospheric intro with a slight touch of Indian music and then the doom journey begins: Guitar is still heavy and thick and A's vocals are brutal, deep low and mournful, the final mix removed the raw guitar sound that reminded of Corrupted and now the whole thing is much more melodic yet still doomy and depressive and also very atmospheric and beautiful, looks like Streamkeeper and the rest tracks made a step closer to a common path.
The demo just came out in cd format, it will be available in shows only and despite the limited number of 50 copies it will be available as long as there is a demand for it. It comes in heavy card stock booklet, zine style with lyrics and artwork/lay out by A.Lundr, a patch is included, tracks are also in Seidr's myshit.

final version


Anonymous said...

here is a link to the final mix of the demo:


hope you like it!

7inchcrust said...

Thanks A. i didn't listened the whole demo yet, only The night sky and the wild hunt and sounds nice.

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