Ydintuho-Demo Tape 2008

Okay,back to the old continent.And,yup,were in the everfrosted Finland,but dont expect hardcore punk or anything like that.These guys blended some punk with some black metal,threw in some Motorheadish parts and made this whole thing crusted,maybe something like Darkthrone even,but with a bit more crustcore sound in the tunes,which to be honest,made me play this thing over and over.Ydintuho has released only this demo so far in their 3 years of existance,and did some line up changing on the way.The tape is self released,the first time on 15 coppies,and the second time,also limited to 66 coppies,which i think are all gone,but never the less,we have 4 tracks of pure finnish blackened crust,for which im preety sure will crush your crusty skull.Awsome drumming on all tracks,with black vocals and awesome motor driving guitar,bringing the cold of the finnish forests closer to your anger.Nuclear Disaster is the translation of the bands name,and thats exactly what you get on this january sunday.Have fun!!!


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