Eminent Scum-demo 2009

These guys and girl come from Oslo, Norway. They started out winter 2008 as a black metal band called Discunt with Adi (bass), Erling (guitar-vox) and Mathias (drumz), they soon figured slow paced black metal was boring and under diffuse circumstances Sean was taken in on drums, thus changing the beat to vicious hardcore punk. Soon the need for a sovereign singer arose, and May was recruited to the band, proving to be an kick ass asset! Then the name was changed, songs were made, beer was drank and here it is; Eminent Scum...
This is a fresh new demo and despite they started as a black metal band there are not any black metal hints here: The six tracks they deliver is a raw piece of angry anarcho-hardcore in the vein of Armistice with shouted female vocals, hard pounding rhythm section full of energy and guitar riffs full of wrath. Tracks are short and hardly last over two minutes each, May sings in English, there are some male backing vocals, the sound is raw and unmixed but still delivers the wrath. Nice effort full of power and energy, wait for more by them

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