Aktiv Dödshjälp-En tid av smärta och förnedring (2005)

Aktiv Dödshjälp is a blackened crust band from Finspång, Sweden, they formed around 2004 and their first demo was Allt Hopp e Ute, En tid av smärta och förnedring is their second demo, recorded in '05 and released by Chased by Fear. Their discog includes a promo cd(2004), a split ep with Slaktattack (2005,Evigt Lidande Productions) and the 4:48 cd (2007,Halvfabrikat Records)
Aktiv Dödshjälp means active euthanasia and their music is a lethal sonic weapon: En tid av smärta och förnedring is a six track cd-r and delivers nine minutes of Bombstrike and Skitsystem's crustcore mixed with the swedish death metal of At the Gates. Vocals are high pitched screeches and brutal, metal riffs appear here and there, songs move mostly in fast pace, sound is dissent. Brutal as fuck. In 2007 Halvkass Produktion re-released En tid av.. with new artwork, remixed tracks and a new opening intro.
thats the rant, now get it, merry Crustmas to everyone



Metal Demo Maniac said...

Killer!! Reminds me of old Human Waste.

7inchcrust said...

thanks mr Maniac, yeah these guys rule and they have a Human Waste feeling