En el Abismo-demo 2008

Heavy as fuck and emotional crust with metal influences: En el Abismo come from the state of Yucatán, Mexico and this is their three track demo recorded in 2008. I don't know anything about them, their myspace has some text in Spanish but no any information about them and announces the release of a split cd with National Disasters, if you come from Mexico don't hesitate to write some shit and enlighten us
The demo consists of three tracks that last about twenty two minutes, the structure of each song is complicated, there are many parts and acoustic intros are followed by metallic riffs with dark melodies that have a depressive feeling in mid pace tempos that vary all the time from slower to a bit faster and back to slow or acoustic etc. Vocals are screamed , rhythm section makes great work, bass and drums have clear sound while the sound quality is very good. This is a crust journey into the realms of Fall of Efrafa, really excellent demo, i hope they will deliver some more recordings



XALEX said...

I am from mexico and I now those guys,they are 4 of my best friends and I alredy have the new split with national disasters, if you wanna now more about them or some other band of crust,punk or hardcore from mexico, write me a mail or in msn, Im allways online linkin300@hotmail.com sorry about my english I suck for write in it

7inchcrust said...

hi Alex, this is one of the best demos i listened recently. i ll try to contact via mail or msn. gracias!