Unquiet Grave-Demo

Unholy Sheffield vegan punx.That's what it says on the bands page of Unquiet Grave,a 4 member band from the U.K.The band itself seems prety new to the scene,but anyway they deliver a really nice sound on this recording.What most comes to youre ears first is the vocals,which are female and i have to say quite brutal,all followed nice by some crushing guitar riffs in the back,which still lost my attention on the way a bit,but yet,the band delivers what its supposed to deliver,crushing crust with nice female vocals.So,overall rate on this is that,if you like Appalachian Terror Unit,with a bit more brutal vocals,u are on the right spot.This demo is self released this year,so give it a try.



William Wren said...

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gallo said...

glad u dig the blog buddy!!