Konkurssi-2nd demo

These four guys come from Tampere, Finland, they formed Konkurssi in late 2005 and their recorded material includes two demos: The first one was released as CD-R in Japan by Reset Equal Not Zero Records and the second is supposed sometime to be released as a split 7" with another Finnish band.
The second demo consists of six tracks that hardly last over a minute each and delivers a blending of noisy hardcore putting together Disorder, Japanese noise core and '80's Finnish hardcore: Music wise and vocals style each song is a sonic assault of Zuo, GAI, Confuse, Disorder, Conclude, Kaaos etc. These bands plus some more in the same vein are mentioned in their myspace as influences so what else should we expect? The sound is raw and dissent, lyrics are in Finnish (one track in English), the whole thing lasts not over eight minutes and i m more than sure that the voice in the intro of Kristityn helvetti belongs to Mick Harris of Napalm Death.
People of Reset Equal Not Zero have already a bunch of releases under their belt: they are involved with releases of Conclude, Havaistys, Dispose, Abnorm and many others, just check their myshit.

crush it!


Anonymous said...

Great fkn band. Cheers from Italy

Anonymous said...

The second demo is soon out on 7" by many finnish labels and also höhnie-records from germany

Anonymous said...

EP is out now!
You can get it from distros around the world, i think! Review is in new MRR!