Ecocide-Demo 2007

This is female fronted brutal crust from San Antonio Texas: Ecocide formed around 2006-07 and this is their demo recorded sometime in '07. In 2008 they released Turning of a wheel 7" (selfreleased).
The demo delivers five tracks of heavy as hell crust, Heidi's brutal vocals are appropriate and is the voice that could come out from the lungs of a guy, definitely there are typical crust parts and sometimes guitars deliver metal orientated riffs blending black metal (or even some deathrash) with sludge hints in slower parts, slightly reminding of Stormcrow while some melodic lead guit parts here and there work really nice. Rhythm section has a plenty of variations changing the tempo from fast to slower while the whole thing has a doom feeling because of the tuned down guitars. One thing is for sure: the cover artwork does not reflect the heaviness of this demo. The band uses violin (played by Heidi) in Turning of the Wheel 7" (and thats always a plus) but there is no sign of it in the demo, though the leading guitar takes over in parts that the violin would overcome, check "There is no Beauty" 's amazing violin in their myspace or the track from Turning of the Wheel, really awesome! Another fact should be mention is the social awareness of members focusing on animal rights and nature's destruction:"we are a band formed to bring awareness to certain issues like corporate corruption, animal and human rights, and to put an end to ecocide and earth destruction...while riding bikes". Nice! i need to track their 7" sometime, (according to Encyclopaedia Metallum this is one track ep),contact with the band via myspace, some demo copies must be still available

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Cesar Thrashing Hammers said...

This is an awesome band!! I ordered this demo and a patch from them like a year ago for 4 dollars. By any chance did you get the picture of the cover from Metal-Archives? I took that picture haha.

7inchcrust said...

Hi Cesar, i didn't expect to be such an awesome demo,this blending of genres is amazing,yes pic is from Metal Archives

Anonymous said...

Great demo, thanks for posting! I will try to get in touch with the band and order it, if there's any left... or just to tell them how awesome they are.

Brian G. ecocide said...

UPDATE! you can listen to our upcoming vinyl LP release @ ecocide.bandcamp.com.

due to be finished pressing in mid-april! get in contact with us on myspace if you wanna place an order.

thanks a fucking bunch! and thanks for the awesome review!
Brian G.

7inchcrust said...

Brian thanks for your kind words,i listen to your songs @ bandcamp,i love the melancholic/emotional parts!. fuckin great!wish ya the best,cheers!